SHIB Doge is a Decentralized Exchange on BNB Chain , you can do Trade , Earn and Get passive income with Our PlatformWe develop excellent DeFi with low gas fee trade & Focus provides alternative passive income every day.

We run projects in a healthy manner and are managed by a professional team in the WEB 3.0 field with more than 3 years of experience working on all WEB 3.0 projects.With a strong community of holders and a based team, working countless hours in the background to bring this Powdle to it's full potential, you won't want to miss this.

Tell your friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas, let them know the greek meaning of SHIB Doge is Moon!

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  • Fundamental Fee


  • Liquidity Fee


  • Total Tax/Transaction

    5% Slippage Tolerance

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Buy Shib Dogechain, currently available pool only on PancakeSwap

Token Allocation

Marketing: 10% SHIBDC

Staking 20% SHIBDC

Brun 30% SHIBDC

Exchange Listing 10% SHIBDC

Liquidity 25% SHIBDC

Developer 5% SHIBDC

This allocation will be made at the time after listing on the dex.

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